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Seth Jones │ President & CEO, Principal Consultant and Project Manager

Seth Jones is President and Principal Manager at Marine Taxonomic Services, Ltd.  Seth is a Certified Caulerpa Diver and has over 18 years of experience working in the field and laboratory.  He has worked extensively in the Eastern Pacific from Alaska down into Baja California managing sediment quality studies, conducting Caulerpa taxifolia and eelgrass surveys as well as providing management services for a variety of ballast water, invasive species and biological surveys.  Seth and the team he manages at MTS specialize in a high quality product with a fast turnaround time.  They are able to ramp up and complete large scale projects with fast turnarounds at a moment's notice due to the dedication and flexibility of the team.  He has conducted marine fieldwork using a wide variety of sampling equipment for benthic infaunal, sediment and water studies. Seth has logged thousands of dives as a PADI certified SCUBA diver and has managed the operation of numerous vessels with a team size of two to operations with over a dozen on board in association with the field projects MTS has completed.  Seth has performed Caulerpa and Eelgrass surveys in nearly every lagoon, bay and estuary in Southern California. 

Seth Jones, President

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