Survey and Project Support Services
Port Facilities Surveys
Submerged Debris Surveys
Light Salvage
Side Scan Sonar Surveys
GIS Based Resource Mapping
SCUBA Diver Surveys
Underwater Photography/Videography
AUV Surveys
ROV Surveys
Towed Video Surveys
Pipeline Inspection
Pipeline Maintenance and Repair
Cathodic Protection (CP) Inspection
Underwater Equipment Design and Fabrication

Water, Air and Weather
Water Sample Collection
Deployment of Water Quality Meters and Analysis of Water Quality Data
Deployment of Air Quality Meters
Establishment of Weather Stations
Remote Telemetric Data Acquisition

Underwater Debris Removal

Minor Salvage

Anthropogenic Debris Survey

Disposal Services

Environmental Consulting Firm

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Sediment Studies
Contaminated Sediment Management
Dredged Material Characterization, Management and Monitoring
Sediment Sample Collection
Sediment Coring

Benthic Invertebrate Studies

Benthic Sample Collection
Invertebrate Sorting
Invertebrate Taxonomy

Data Collection and Management
Sample Collection
Sampling Protocols and Experimental Design
Statistical Analysis
Benthic Indices and Sample Assessment Scores

Fisheries Studies
Restoration Monitoring
Otter Trawl, Purse Seine, Beach Seine Sampling
Artificial Reef Construction and Monitoring

Environmental Assessment
Environmental Impact Assessment
Ecological Risk Assessment
Environmental Mediation

Eelgrass Management
Eelgrass Surveys/Monitoring
Eelgrass Mitigation Transplants

Marine Archaeology
Assessment, Planning, Survey and Mapping
Investigation, Excavation and Conservation
Publishing, Outreach and Public Education
Historical Research and Artifact Analysis

Invasive Species Management
Caulerpa taxifolia Surveys
Caulerpa taxifolia Eradication
Invasive Species Surveys