Dr. Robert Mooney, VP

Dr. Robert Mooney │ Vice President, Principal Consultant and Project Manager  

Dr. Robert Mooney is a marine scientist and statistician with extensive underwater experience.  He has worked in challenging offshore environments including Alaska and British Columbia to southern California.  His work in British Columbia involved working with Native North American groups to determine sustainable levels of sea urchin harvests that were sensitive to and promoted kelp forest diversity.  In southern California, Dr. Mooney has performed hundreds of research dives to monitor marine resources.  Additionally, Robert has managed a wide array of sediment quality studies, ballast water and invasive species projects as well as other biological surveys.  Robert is a Certified Caulerpa Diver and has experience performing Caulerpa taxifolia and eelgrass surveys throughout southern California.  He managed the team that eradicated Caulerpa in Agua Hedionda and Huntington Harbor. 

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